This is Houndz and they make dark pop music.

Their story goes a little something like this: Houndz consists of Talia Londoner from Los Angeles, CA and Oren Emanuel from Tel Aviv, Israel. 

During the summer of 2013, after one of those pinnacle conversations with her father about how much life sucks, Talia decided to quit her job, fly far away from her family and friends to go to Israel. What she thought would be a few months turned into a few years. During this span of time, she took part in Israel’s “The Voice”. That’s right, the show with the spinning chairs. While competing, she met Oren. 

Growing up between Haifa and Tel Aviv, Oren established a “PsyTrance” project named VOID and from 1999 to 2011, he recorded four studio albums for the record label “Chemical Crew". In 2012 he started his EDM project "Lets Be Friends". LBF got major recignition by major EDM artists like Rob Swire, Dillon Francis while touring the world and playing the mainstage at the major festivals and events such as MysteryLand and TomorrowWorld just to name a few.  

One day while Talia was going through a break up, (what else is new) she called Oren and insisted she come in and record a song that she had written a few years back while lost at sea with her father in the middle of the Carribean Sea called "Be Cool" (that's a story for another time). 30 minutes and one vocal take later, they realized it would be dumb NOT to work together. So they began working, writing and creating. As each track slowly became a real constructed verse to chorus song, they found their niche and managed to find the glue that holds that feeling of 90’s digital sampling hiphop, rhythm and blues together with today’s diced up vocals, round bass lines, and not to mention, background vocals up the wazoo. 

After spending a year and a half hiding in the studio creating about 20 different ideas they bring you a taste of four tracks for their first debut EP, Always 15 Minutes Late.